How to mix PoKeMoN

Heyy this is how to mix Pokemon

Go to Then click on sprite Resource

Click on the star or the square Star is free hand and square is not free its only in square shape

Then cut the body part and put it on the other Pokemon Then click on the paint bucket then click on the color filling thing.

Then click on the pokemon’s picture whose color you dont want to change then click on the other pokemon whos color u want 2 change Tada u completed it .

There is an other way also:

Go 2 paint ,do the same thing

then click on the eraser then the color taking thing and right click on the color u want 2 take and then click left click on the color u wanna change! and its done if u did not understand pls leave a comment!


2 responses to “How to mix PoKeMoN

  1. im getting stuck when i pick a pokemon the screen turs gray except the pokemon how i fix it

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